I'll bet you've never known one.

Pet sitters aren't hard to find. They watch over your house while you're away, and spend a few hours feeding, walking and maybe even spending the night with your critters.

Dog nannies understand that it's not always easy for animals to be away from their people, and that they do best when they can stay at home and stick to their usual routines. And - we don't leave. 

I am a dog nanny. I'm flat-out crazy about the furry creatures. Rather than make the commitment to have my own, I want to offer people something I never had when my own little girl was alive: someone to take over for me and make me feel comfortable about traveling. Talk about a win-win? You can enjoy your time away, and I can enjoy my time with your four-leggeds. Special-needs dogs? No problem. Incontinent, medicine-dependent, difficult sleepers? You name it. I've had them all. 

Oh, and I'm a road warrior. Have jobs, will travel. I will sit anywhere in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz or Monterey counties. Perhaps beyond. I'm always on the go. 


Here's the deal. 

My focus is on engaging dogs on many levels and making their time as normal as possible while you're away. I'm also a stickler for their health and comfort. They will be fed on time, and not over- or under-fed. They will have access to fresh water, exercise and potty breaks as often as they need. Most important, they'll have my attention and affection. If they're used to sleeping with their people, by all means, they can bunk with me. And if it's okay with you, they can accompany me on errands and fun trips to the beach or the park. My life is 900 percent improved if I have a dog or three by my side.  

What's my story?

I'm a lifelong animal fanatic, a retired newspaper reporter and a freelance writer and editor. I've written countless pieces related to animal welfare, animal companions and other topics about our furry friends. In 2009 I wrote a features story for The Bark! magazine after learning about a very large puppy mill bust not far from my home. I'm currently working on a heart-melting piece about a pair of dogs who were adopted by my clients after tragically losing their daddy while on vacation across the country. (Hint: It ends well.) It caught the attention of syndicated radio host Ron Reagan Jr., who invited me to be an in-studio guest on his show. (FYI, his dad was my governor. And my president, too.) It was a fun year.

In 2010 I decided that a 30-year sentence in the rainy Pacific Northwest was enough. I moved back to the Bay Area and planted roots in Santa Cruz. I had dog-sitting gigs lined up weeks before my arrival and have been consistently taking care of dozens of animals since then. Before that I was a regular caretaker in the Seattle area as well. I have a ton of references, and I hope you will contact some. It's important to me that you're choosing the sitter that's best for your situation.